2022 - 2023 School Year


What is Inspire?


Inspire is a new program for students entering 11th and 12th grade. The program was created to instill confidence, responsibility, social awareness, and community involvement, all while acquiring job skills. 


What does Inspire represent?


Confidence: Students will be exposed to a variety of real-life reoccurring job opportunities in which they will learn how to function within a work environment in an appropriate and professional manner. 


Responsibility: Students will carry various responsibilities in and out of the school setting. This includes management of the school’s Snack Shack, conducting inventory, restocking, purchasing, accounting, and future planning. 


Social awareness: Students will learn how to effectively and appropriately communicate in the work environment while maintaining appropriate social norms. 


Community involvement: The program will instill a strong sense of community by volunteering in numerous community-based projects. 


Job skills: Students will be taught job-related skills that will translate directly to the settings they will be experiencing at their worksite. 


Admission Requirement:


  • Independent communication skills

  • Social awareness

  • Ability to follow instructions and complete tasks independent

  • Must be able to take constructive criticism and apply changes as needed

  • A prospective student must complete an interview independent